Crude Oil Live Trade Chat Room




Don’t you want to earn profits consistently from the comfort of your own home doing away with your tedious 9-5 job ?

Bontrade offers a way to earn profits from your trading account by trading inside a live chat room and watching how the seasoned professionals do it.


You CAN earn more money trading the stock markets.

This is one of the most comprehensive trading chat rooms out there, Bontrade offers a easy to use well designed site containing some of the most insightful and comprehensive trading techniques I have managed to find online. You deal with seasoned trading professionals that earn consistent profits.  Tick after tick day after day all they seem to do is profit, I heard one member say “it’s like they have a F*&()%ING crystal ball”,  you can witness the trading live in there trading  chat room they mostly deal with crude light (CL) but other tickers are mentioned. but hey don’t take my word on check out the trading videos:


 A live trading room, like no other it opens daily between 09:00am- 12:00pm EST and lets you view live projections of the resident pro traders charts with on screen live technical analysis, as the trader analysis the market and calls trades  you get to view it real time giving you the opportunity to learn how it’s done!

It lets new traders into the secrets of trading and technical analysis and has the added benefit of being able to talk to the trader as he does it, he tends to call between 2 and 5 profitable trades a day and when he does you have to be quick to take them but hey it can’t be all good.

They do offer an accuracy that i have been unable to find outside of pro trading circles I’m guessing its because the trader has so much experience he’s finally using his own margins and trading for himself. From what I’ve been able to pertain he’s been trading for a long time.

The chat room isn’t that expensive only 399$ a month but if you follow them intently and listen to what they have to say then you should be making that back in a day, they also offer a free month trial but that only lets you  view the room between  08:30am – 12noon  after that they shut the doors to the advanced members only.

All in all they have a very professional trading environment that is exclusive and well kept.

I do think this should be only taken up by the intermediate and advanced home traders since understanding some of the language they use can be hard, me I was fortunate enough to take there comprehensive course first ( offers some amazing  insight into technical analysis) since some of the terminology can be confusing to begin with the course helped me to understand all of it since it comes with a full glossary of all of there jargon, making the room all the easier to understand.

In reference to the paragraph above and adding more praise to the guys over at BONTRADE there trading course is quite amazing as well, giving all the insider information. I scoured forums, sites and the rest of the web for months before stumbling across this and I wish I had found it before it gave me an insight into trading that has been unequaled to date, fully comprehensible and explained like I was a laymen it comes in 3 tomes the first giving you all the basic information you need to start you on the road to profits the second and third adding depth to your understanding.

So after using them for the last couple of months I hold the traders there with the greatest regards i think they are some of the best you can find online at the moment and if you want to give them a try and start to see your PnL just be PnP drop them a line and sign up for there free month trial and see how it goes